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25 June 2017



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About Us

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In 1988 The Profile Group launched with a bespoke forward planning service providing editorial leads to national newspapers. Very quickly this service grew, and during the course of the 1980s and 1990s we expanded our services, supplying unique event and contact information to all pockets of the communications industries, including broadcast media, advertising agencies, marketers and public relations professionals.

Over the years, we have focused our efforts on providing unrivalled forthcoming events and industry content to the media and business, and we are proud of our hard earned reputation amongst our clients as leaders in this sector. The scope of our coverage has gone from strength-to-strength, spanning all of the UK, Europe, the USA and other emerging global markets, and our 50-strong dedicated research team is expert in current affairs, entertainment, celebrity, fashion and marketing forward planning.

The Profile Group is the only service in the UK to be used by every national daily and Sunday newspaper and consumer magazine publisher. We also provide information to all major UK television and radio broadcasters, news agencies, key foreign press bureaux, every national political party, major government departments (including 10 Downing Street), top 250 PR agencies and the marketing departments of most major UK companies.

Our impressive, diverse and extensive client list is testament to our commitment to the quality and accuracy of our content, which we deliver in a way that meets users' exact requirements, be it online or in hard copy.


The Profile Group provides over 30,000 forward planning stories at any one time, and over 40,000 industry contacts, all of which are confirmed at source by our experienced research team. We enjoy an unrivalled reputation for delivering accurate, reliable and up-to-the-minute information, whilst ensuring its relevance to leading organisations throughout the UK.

  • We read and scan from an extensive list of regional, national, and international newspapers, periodicals, trade and consumer magazines, journals and websites regularly (list available on request).
  • Over 20 years of direct and personal contact with international PRs and event organisers ensure we receive an extensive number of press releases and media announcements, many exclusive, from over 50,000 organisations.
  • All events are verified and updated, directly with the event organiser, on a regular rolling basis.
  • Close relations with industry insiders allow The Profile Group to publish insider information, not available via press release, or to the public. Indeed many event organisers consult us to advise on handling media announcements effectively.
  • Our rigorous data checks mean our content is as accurate and reliable as possible, and all of our content complies with the Data Protection Act.
  • All items are categorised with multiple searchable criteria.
  • Over a thousand items are added to and updated in the database weekly, available in multiple formats including online, email alerts, newsbreak emails, download to Excel, XML feed, csv, hosted web services …


How our services can contribute to your business:

Print Media show or hide print media details

  • Pinpoint interview opportunities as they are announced
  • Exclusive events for diary pieces, gossip columns, reviews and previews
  • Editorial forward planning - features ideas and editorial leads
  • Valuable and up-to-date contacts information
  • Clash avoidance
  • Operational information for journalists including venue, times, contacts and maps
  • Unbiased opinion
  • Advertising sales leads
  • Identify market trends and zeitgeist
  • Ideas for competitions and promotions

(see Entertainment News; Fashion Monitor; ForesightNews; Red Pages)

Broadcast Media show or hide broadcast media details

  • Secure celebrity guests for chat show slots and interviews
  • Keep abreast of the latest breaking (and embargoed) news, developments and events
  • An unrivalled source of contacts information
  • Editorial leads and features ideas
  • Identifying local or regional angles to nationwide events
  • Planning relevant and topical content around upcoming events
  • Competition and promotions ideas
  • A resource for ideas
  • Essential operational information for journalists including contacts, venues and times
  • New business leads for advertising sales departments
  • Create guest panels for entertainment programming

(see Entertainment News; Fashion Monitor; ForesightNews; Red Pages; The Year Ahead)

Public Relations show or hide public relations details

  • Complement existing information gathering and in-house research resources
  • New business leads and pitch ideas
  • Compile targeted media lists from extensive contacts
  • Tie-in with events to gain maximum exposure and media coverage
  • Ideas resource for promotional campaigns
  • Speaker opportunities
  • Corporate hospitality opportunities for forging new client relationships or developing existing ones
  • Clash avoidance to ensure maximum positive publicity
  • Networking opportunities
  • Crisis management
  • Securing celebrities to endorse client products and front campaigns
  • Identify market trends and zeitgeist
  • Revenue generation and business development
  • Finding the optimum timing for events
  • Identifying people and product placement opportunities

(see Entertainment News; Fashion Monitor; ForesightNews; Red Pages; The Year Ahead)

Advertising & Marketing show or hide Advertising and Marketing details

  • Monitor competitor activity
  • Spot sector specific marketing trends
  • Identify new business opportunities
  • A source of networking opportunities
  • Corporate hospitality opportunities
  • Revenue generation and business growth
  • Keep abreast of all industry-related events
  • Securing celebrities for endorsements or to front campaigns
  • Maximise client marketing activity
  • A source of creative ideas and a basis for brainstorming
  • Identify market trends and zeitgeist

(see Entertainment News; Fashion Monitor; Red Pages; The Year Ahead)

Brands show or hide brands details

  • Identify events to exploit for maximum exposure, awareness and commercial gain
  • Select product placement opportunities
  • Identify market trends and zeitgeist
  • Find events to exploit for maximum exposure, awareness and commercial gain
  • Monitor competitor commercial activity
  • Target celebrity ambassadors and supporters
  • Plan and execute marketing and sales activity
  • Increase revenues and market share
  • Place speakers at events
  • Spot events to attend for promotional, sales or networking purposes
  • Pinpoint sponsorship and commercial opportunities
  • Keep up-to-date with latest industry developments and news
  • Increase ROI through targeted marketing to specific audiences
  • Develop commercial relationships
  • Expand distribution
  • Increase sales and generate new business leads
  • Exploit all networking opportunities
  • Save time
  • Save costs

(see Entertainment News; Fashion Monitor; Red Pages; The Year Ahead)

Government and Local Government show or hide Government and Local Government details

  • Insight to the news agenda and events which will influence public opinion
  • Identify optimum time for press release and event scheduling
  • Anticipate events which will impact on policy issues
  • Marketing, PR and promotional campaign planning
  • Opportunities to tie-in with local events
  • Logistics planning around events happening in the region or locality
  • Identify market trends and zeitgeist
  • Speaker opportunities
  • Anticipate media enquiries

(see ForesightNews; Red Pages)

Charity show or hide charity details

  • Avoid clashing with other charitable events
  • Identify fundraising opportunities
  • Monitor sponsor activity and identify prospective organisations for affiliation
  • Create marketing campaigns to tie-in with specific news and events
  • Brainstorm creative ideas for campaigns and fundraising
  • Identify marketing opportunities
  • Monitor competitor activity
  • Generate publicity
  • Target and attract celebrity affiliates and supporters

(see Entertainment News; ForesightNews; Red Pages; The Year Ahead)

Associations & Bodies show or hide Associations and Bodies details

  • Create bespoke events calendars
  • Promotional opportunities
  • Pinpointing the optimum timing for awareness-raising campaigns
  • Facilitate internal communications to members
  • Reviewing upcoming news and events to anticipate media enquiries
  • Plan effective marketing and communications strategy – spot which items will have a positive or negative impact

(see Entertainment News; Fashion Monitor; ForesightNews; Red Pages; The Year Ahead)

  • Editorial leads and ideas
  • Increased stickiness through customised content deals
  • Create bespoke events calendars in line with audience demographic and brand values
  • Wrap advertising and sponsorship around consumer content to leverage revenues
  • Boost search engine optimisation through rich text content supplied by us

(see Entertainment News; Fashion Monitor; ForesightNews; Red Pages; The Year Ahead)

Press Agencies show or hide press agencies details

  • Obtain the most up-to-date news and contacts information
  • Editorial forward planning
  • Photo opportunities
  • Story leads and ideas
  • Essential operational information for assignment, editorial and picture
  • Source embargoed reports
  • Unbiased reporting

(see Entertainment News; Fashion Monitor; ForesightNews; Red Pages)

Venues show or hide venues details

  • A source of new business leads
  • To generate revenue and facilitate business growth
  • Monitor activity at other venues
  • Create and develop relationships with event organisers
  • Find out which celebrities are in town
  • Clash avoidance
  • Host themed events
  • Organise parties on the back of high profile events
  • Create tailored celebrity guest lists

(see Fashion Monitor; Red Pages; The Year Ahead)

Libraries and Education show or hide libraries and education details

  • A reference source for events information
  • New business leads for education establishments looking to hire out meetings and events spaces
  • Promotional opportunities
  • Establish a presence at relevant events
  • Market to a specific demographic of students, graduates, school leavers etc
  • Make the most of available speaker opportunities
  • Identify research and development opportunities

(see Entertainment News; ForesightNews; Red Pages; The Year Ahead)

Others show or hide others details

  • Maximise promotional opportunities and gain pre and post-event media coverage
  • Clash avoidance
  • Secure celebrity involvement in events
  • Secure speakers, performers, hosts and presenters
  • A source of new business leads
  • To generate revenue and facilitate business growth
  • A source of invaluable, accurate and extensive contact information
  • To maximise marketing activity and plan strategic campaigns
  • To keep abreast of everything that's going on
  • To take advantage of every promotional opportunity
  • A time-saving resource
  • A cost-saving resource

(see Entertainment News; Fashion Monitor; ForesightNews; Red Pages; The Year Ahead)